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Lose Fat Slowly Weight Loss

How To Lose Fat Slowly

Loose Fat Get Slim

Some women write 'loose fat' which might refer to loose, flabby skin on the arms or tummy... The correct English is of course, you want to Lose Fat Slowly, so test this best of breed solution - Fat Loss Factor, by Dr Charles, for your weight loss battle now. It's reputedly the best answer.

How can I lose weight slowly and safely, comfortably and without placing undue stress on my body? Here are a few medical ideas from our beloved Dr Charles, who has helped thousands of women, of all ages, to lose body weight:

The #1 thing LIMITING your results (fix this today)

 Ordinary people believe only in the possible. Extraordinary people visualize not what is
possible or probable, but rather what is impossible. And by visualizing the impossible,
they begin to see it as possible.

— Cherie Carter-Scott

After finishing fourth, just out of medal contention in the 1500 meters of the 1952 Olympics,
British track athlete Roger Bannister set a new goal. A goal that according to many was
not only lofty, but humanly impossible.

At the time, no one had ever run a sub-4 minute mile. No one. In fact, many so-called
authorities said it simply couldn’t be done. But Roger didn’t seem to care. His goal was
to break 4 minutes, and in a 1954 meet at Oxford, he did just that.

Since that time, thousands of track athletes have run the mile in less than 4 minutes,
and what’s most interesting is that the sub-4 minute times came rolling in almost
immediately after Roger first accomplished it.

Why then had no one ever accomplished it before?

For years and years, no one, not a single person, was able to do it. Was it because
they lacked ability? We don’t think so. Nothing magical happened in 1954 to make
human beings instantly faster.

You see, the limitation was 100% mental.

And it took someone like Roger who didn’t pay attention to what others thought was
possible or impossible to remove that limit.

And with that mental block removed, in came an INFLUX of sub-4 minute times.

In a more recent years, no one thought that a 6’5” lanky sprinter could ever be a true
Olympic competitor (sprinters are naturally short and stocky). But although he didn’t fit the
typical sprinter build, Jamaican Usain Bolt set his mind on being an Olympic Champion at
a young age.

And in the 2008 Olympic games in Beijing, Usain Bolt not only accomplished his dream
of winning Olympic gold, but he did it while completely annihilating world records in both
the 100 and 200 meters. And again he reigned #1 in 2012.

Stories like this really inspire me, because they remind me that truly anything is possible.

Sometimes we are surrounded by so much negativity with the people around us placing limits
on what we can accomplish, achieve, or be.

You may be someone who has always struggled with your body, and maybe even your family
has a long history of obesity. But you don’t have to buy into that. Break the mold. Remove the
limitations – those that others have tried to place on you, and most importantly, those that
you’ve placed on yourself.

I dare you.

See what happens.

The fact is this: You are special. There is greatness inside of you. Wherever you are at, you
can achieve more. A LOT more.

And here's another truth: The limitations that others have placed on you can only become
reality if you believe them, too.

Are self-limiting beliefs holding YOU back from achieving your best? Or even going after your

Don't let it happen.

You're better than that.

You're BIGGER than that.

And you can achieve more.

At Fat Loss Factor, that's exactly what we KNOW is true for you, and we believe in you.
Now it's your turn to believe in yourself.

Today marks the day where you start thinking like Roger Bannister and Usain Bolt. You
are in control of what you can and will one else is. Think of the body you truly
WANT to have. Now believe it's possible, because it is.

See yourself OWNING that body, because that's exactly where you are headed, starting
right now.

And just in case you're not quite sure where to start, here's the best place:

==> Just follow this simple meal plan that we've already laid out for you right here

I believe in you. Get started toward the "impossible" today. You can do it.

Your friend, 
Dr. Charles

Loosing Fat and Losing Weight Slowly By Yoghurt


Did you know that almost ALL yogurts are flat out bad news for your waistline?

"Light" yogurts, for instance, are absolutely terrible for you, and for more reasons that

First, most "light" yogurts are loaded with artificial sweeteners and/or high fructose corn

High fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is one of the top 3 WORST ingredients you could ever
consume.  First, as it's name suggests, it's made of primarily fructose, a sugar that easily
spills over to fat  storage when consumed in sizable quantities.

And artificial sweeteners are...well...artificial. Do you really want to put chemically altered,
man-made ingredients that don't exist in nature into your body? Me either.

Second, HFCS is made from genetically modified corn.

Third, HFCS spikes blood sugar and insulin like almost no other food or ingredient.

Bad news all around.

Bottom line, just because something is low calorie (i.e. "Light") doesn't make it a healthy
choice, or even a choice that will positively affect your fat loss goals.

What about "fat free" yogurts?

Well, hopefully we all know and understand by now that fat isn't bad. Fat is a critical
nutrient to both your health and your fat loss efforts and actually helps to naturally
stabilize many important hormones in your body that play a key role in optimizing your
body's fat-burning environment.

Secondly, most fat-free yogurts are LOADED with sugar. Here's a plan: Let's get rid
of the naturally occurring healthy fats and load up on sugar instead! Sounds like a
plan to me...a really bad one.

So does that mean you should be avoiding all yogurts?

No, in fact there's ONE type of yogurt that I highly recommend you use as part of your
fat-burning diet...and that's Organic Plain Greek Yogurt.

First, Greek yogurt has double the protein of regular yogurt, so you get more protein
punch in every spoonful.

Second, by choosing the plain variety you avoid all the extra, unnecessary, artificial
ingredients along with calorie-boosting excess sugar.

Lastly, by going organic you'll avoid the hormones and antibiotics that are otherwise
generally injected in the typical cow.

Greek Yogurt is my #1 pick for mid-meal snack and I enjoy a serving of Greek yogurt
just about every day. I recommend you do the same.

Another incredible mid-meal snack option is the below fat-burning "milkshake" that I
personally use daily. It tastes absolutely AMAZING and it couldn't be any more healthy:

==> Enjoy this Fat-burning Milkshake Daily

To your ultimate body,

Dr. Charles  

There, I hope you girls and ladies got a lot of fat burning ideas in these wonderful articles from our dear Dr Charles who cares about you a lot. Information right on the topic of how to lose fat slowly for your best ever weight loss plan, with medical support. Always consult your medical practitioner, if doubts or anxieties arise.

Geoff D., Editor

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