Sunday, September 17, 2017

Role Of Omega 7 With Fat Cells

Get Rid Of Excess Fat

Here are a few points about what recent scientific research has revealed about fat cells. In our bodies, we thought that these fat cells were just stores of fat. Harvard Medical School research has found that they're way more intelligent.

Fat cells have receptors. They can talk to other fat cells and to muscles, the liver, and to other organs. Why communicate? To instruct them to begin burning fat again. But what's the trigger to begin this communication between fat cells and bodily organs?

Omega 7 Fatty Acids

This essential nutrient is the trigger that instructs the fat cells to begin shedding away excess fat. You can obtain some Omega 7 here at a blog that refers you to TrueGenics for their Ultra Omega Burn product. It is a very high quality source of the essential omega 7 fatty acid. This is related to marine triglycerides such as omega 3 although the latter is also obtainable from plant sources. These fatty acids are what mostly make up the fatty gray matter of the human brain. Also good for the maintenance of healthy cardiovascular function in a healthy individual.

So do visit the blog and get some Omega 7 to test out. There are many anecdotes and spoken testimonials in the video presentation. You might enjoy hearing about other people's experiences with this astonishing omega 7 fatty acid. 

Start to get rid of excess fat today with this new set of scientific discoveries from Harvard Medical School in Boston, Mass., USA.

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