Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Back Pain From Carrying A Lot Of Weight

Remedy Your Back Pain For Relief...

Relief of your back pain is here, if you are carrying a lot of weight. I know.... I know it's so painful to have back problems when your sagging tummy is forcing body posture problems. You can't help it, but WAIT... some relief is here from Dr Charles, our body weight expert at Fat Loss Factor, where you'll find your total solution to this back pain suffering - long term!

Dr Charles writes:

"If you've ever suffered from back pain, then I have a really cool,
free resource to share with you today."

That's "free" as in it costs nothing, apart from the small postage
fee to ship it to your door (since it's a real tangible book, not
an eBook).

Now, the book normally sells on Amazon for like $15, but the
author (Jesse Cannone of the Healthy Back Institute), who I know
personally, is running a little coolio dealio right now where he's
really looking to help as many people as possible by:

1. Giving you a copy of his brand new book for free (to help you),

2. Donating some cash to charity for every single book he
gives away (to help others).

Oh, and even though he's giving you the book for free, you get
to pick the charity Jesse donates to when you claim your free
copy (options on the page):

7 Day Back Pain Cure (Free hard copy book)

By the way, in case you're wondering, there is NO CATCH here.
You won't be billed for something else 30 days later and you're not
signing up for a "trial" of any kind or anything like that.

You're simply grabbing a completely free book (that normally sells
for $15 and is loaded with killer information), and at the same time
you'll be contributing to a great cause as Jesse helps you live pain


You're probably wondering, what's so different about this book
from all the other "back pain" info out there, and why am I taking
the time to tell you about it today?

Well, here’s a little-known fact. The real cause of back pain is
almost always overlooked. Most doctors only treat the symptoms.
They use “band-aid” treatments like:

*Cortisone shots
*Dangerous drugs
*Physical therapy
*Chiropractic manipulation

These may work. When they do, it’s almost never long-term.

You see, it’s not until you treat the “hidden” underlying causes
that you get lasting pain relief. And that's what Jesse's book is all
not more "masking", but actually fixing the root

And here's the best part
it's almost always VERY FIXABLE –
expensive and never-ending trips to a chiropractor, without
dangerous prescription drugs and without surgery.

And oh yeah, the book is free (I mentioned that, right?)

7 Day Back Pain Cure (Free hard cover book)

Here's to living pain free,

Dr. Charles << click

P.S. If you get to their website and they are out of free copies
(I think they're giving away 1,000 or so, but a lot of people are
helping Jesse spread the word on this), I still highly recommend
you pick it up on Amazon -- it's that good.

7 Day Back Pain Cure (Free hard cover book)


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