Sunday, October 26, 2008

How Can I Lose Weight

The answer to your question, "How can I lose weight?" is very closely related to the answer to the question: What makes women feel fantastic? Why's that?

The secret to how to lose weight, or sustainable weight loss, is to provide your body with such high quality nutrition that :

  • you don't feel those hunger pangs all the time
  • your body starts to get fed properly in a balanced way!
  • you're not just topping up on sugars and caffeine, for energy!
There are remarkable things out there, like Uri Le Baron's The Feast product.
Why's it so good.. and good for weight loss?

Uri is a world class expert on drying whole, live food. He dries food at a low temperature
so that all the vitamins, enzymes, probiotics, etc, are SAFE and available to nourish your body. You need to go to Uri International right now and listen very carefully to the audio tracks and video presentation, featuring Uri talking about The Feast nutritional supplement.

"I've been taking The Feast with water every morning as soon as I wake up and it makes me feel satisfied, nourished, with no hunger pangs at all. "

"It even removed dehydration and a slight hangover (same thing?) after an evening of drinking liqueurs - just last night."

Of course for answering how can I lose weight completely, I'd have to insist that you also have a new exercise plan - - or at least go for a walk every day for 30 minutes to an hour. Consult your medical practitioner if you have special needs such as diabetes or heart disease.

But please do try a complete nutritional program that supplies you with live, whole food in one form, dried or green, or another. I like the convenience of The Feast which I simply stir up with a glass of water.

Thanks for listening.

Geoff Dodd
Weight Loss Editor

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